“From the very beginning I knew they believed me; they understood me; they knew what I had gone through; and they were so comforting. I knew that they would have my back through the whole thing. That they would always have my best interests. Honestly, I love my attorneys. They treated me like family…they protected me. They gave me the courage to step forward and say what needed to be said. They helped me heal. Not just survive.”

- Courtney Butler, Client

“He’s put a lot into this case and a lot on me. He went to bat for us. He put it all on the line. He invested years of his life and a lot of money in fighting for us. He took on multi-million dollar, multinational conglomerates, insurance companies and the Attorney General. There aren’t many people who would do that, would have that much faith in us. And he continues to fight for us to this day. He’s been a rock in my life.”

- Rob Northup, Client

“I’ve partnered with Darrell as co-counsel for a number of my cases. There are so many great things about him. He’s got a tremendous memory. He keeps track of the facts. He knows the facts. And he keeps digging, whether it’s 11:00 at night or 6:00 AM. And he’s a fabulous trial attorney. He is irrepressible and always fighting to get the best recovery for his clients.”

- Fred Diamondstone, Co-Counsel

“Darrell and his team did such a good job in the courtroom. They expertly presented all the facts and evidence, and wouldn’t let the counter questioning from the state…they wouldn’t let them bully you into making wrong answers. He defends and protects you very well And we won.”

- Terry Vanbuskirk, Client