WA State, group home operators agree to $4M child sexual abuse settlement for “Little Alcatraz”

By Darrell Cochran Law

News: My team and I have negotiated a $4 Million child sex abuse settlement with WA State and Secret Harbor – the deplorable group home known as “Little Alcatraz” – on behalf of former residents.

Video: Inside the Secret Harbor $4 Million settlement

Troubled boys were warehoused, ignored and horrifically abused at the remote island outpost off Anacortes.

Despite hundreds of abuse reports, DSHS workers ignored the abuses and often covered them up, leaving the boys to fend for themselves in what could be likened to the Lord of the Flies.

It’s nauseating, infuriating and outrageous those charged with the care of these vulnerable boys instead subjected them to a lifetime of unfathomable trauma.

We know there are far more victims out there. We have 20 other cases pending on behalf of boys who suffered the unimaginable.

It’s never too late to reach out, get help, and hold the abusers accountable. We encourage you to reach out confidentially if you or someone you know or love was a victim at Secret Harbor.